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The New Jersey District School of Ministry (NJDSOM) is a Ministerial Training Program supported by the Assemblies of God. Our purpose is to provide a path by which individuals called of God into Christian service may reach their ministry and educational goals.

The School is focused on helping those who want to grow in their understanding of the Bible, theology, and ministry, but who cannot break away to pursue a four-year degree. We offer a local and economical alternative to residential learning at a Bible College. Our unique ministry training program provides the instruction, interaction, and accountability that are necessary for developing essential skills for both life and ministry.



IMPORTANT: A NEW CLASS HAS BEEN ADDED, "SPIRIT-EMPOWERED CHURCHES." The General Presbytry approved a new educational requirment for those seeking Ministerial Credentials with the Assemblies of God. The new course is entitled, Spirit Empowered Churches. The textbook is the Acts 2 Journey book by Alton Garrison. It is a non-waivable requirment in the same way that the AG History, Missions and Governance class is required.

In order to make room for the new course, we have combined both Conflict Management and Effective Leadership, which will be taught as one class instead of two separate courses.

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The New Jersey District School of Ministry exists to provide training for:

(A) Those seeking PERSONAL ENRICHMENT: Our program is for anyone who wants to deepen his or her understanding of Scripture, theology, and ministry. The program is designed to help you grow as a Christian and become more skilled in ministry so that you can better serve your local church and community.

(B) **Those interested in pursuing MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS with the Assemblies of God: It enables individuals to complete the educational requirements of the Fellowship for credentialing. Students not only acquire knowledge necessary for obtaining ministerial credentials, but also develop character and skills essential for effective ministry.

(C) CURRENT CREDENTIAL HOLDERS who want to sharpen and improve their ministry skills, and advance to the next credential level.

The school is committed to developing healthy leaders, Churches, and ministries by offering the best available training. We provide a low-cost ministry training option that provides live interaction with instructors. The learning environment provides the opportunity to ask questions so that you can gain clear, culturally-relevant answers that communicate Biblical truth.

**NOTE: NJDSOM classes are not exclusively for those pursuing God’s call on their lives in order to serve in a “credential-requiring” clergy type of ministry.  NJDSOM courses are also an excellent resource for “laypersons” interested in broadening their understanding of Scripture.

For anyone desiring to pursue ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God, completion of the courses, does not guarantee that a ministry credential will be granted, nor that preferential treatment will be given to those completing the required ministerial training courses through the School of Ministry. The credentialing of ministers is a process separate from completion of the educational requirements.

Convenient Study Locations

*English Program: Rev. Richard Martinez: 973-694-2938 Ext. 305
*Spanish Program: Rev. Guido Encalada: 973-694-2938 Ext. 245

**Ministerial credentials are issued by the General Council of the Assemblies of God, not by the New Jersey District School of Ministry. This program provides academic training; not ministerial credentials.

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