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Tuition & Fees

1 Course

$170.00 PER COURSE

2 Courses
$325.00 PER 2 COURSES

3 Courses (UNIT-See Below)*

$325.00 PER 3 COURSES
AUDIT: Personal Enrichment (1 course) (NON-CREDIT / NON-GRADE) Those who select this option will not recieve a grade or credit for courses taken. $90.00 PER COURSE
Late Registration fee $25.00

Other Costs

Diploma / Certificate Processing fee $10.00
Transfer evaluation / processing fee $10.00

*3 Courses: A Unit consists of three-courses (one course from Level I Certified, one course from Level II Licensed, and one course from Level III Ordained). It is recommended that those enrolled in the Ministerial Studies Diploma program register for UNITs.

Example of a UNIT:

Unit A = $325.00:
Level I Certified = Intro to Hermeneutics
Level II Licensed = New Testament Survey
Level III Ordained = Prayer and Worship


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