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Ministerial Internship Requirements:

A. Ministerial Internships are only required if students are pursuing Ministerial Credentials with the Assemblies of God.

B. Students may complete their Ministerial Internship requirements through one of two ways:

1. Through Berean School of the Bible Please visit: or Call 1-800-443-1083
Under this option the student must contact Berean School of the Bible and enroll in the Credential level he or she desires to pursue (e.g., Certified, Licensed, or Ordained). After the student has registered with Berean and has received the appropriate Ministerial Intership study materials, he or she should schedule time with an Assemblies of God Mentor/Pastor to go through the materials. The goal of this exercise is to learn what Berean expects of both the Mentor/Pastor and the student. Throughout the duration (3 Months) of the student's Ministerial Internship he or she should meet regularly with his or her Mentor/Pastor.  


2. Through a Customized Internship with an Assemblies of God Pastor/Mentor. If the student should choose a Custom Internship, the student may use his or her current ministry to fulfill the Ministerial Internship requirement, provided that their ministry is relative to the credential level being pursued. However, if the student does not have a ministry and is just starting out, then, the Mentor/Pastor may create a Custom Internship for the student to fulfill that is relative to the credential level being pursued. Under this option, the NJ District Council would need a written note from the Mentor/Pastor stating that the student has been equipped for ministry relative to their credential level. The letter should be mailed to the: NJ District Council, Credentials Office, P.O. Box 100, Burlington, NJ 08016

*IMPORTANT: Whether a student pursues his or her Ministerial Internship through "Berean School of the Bible" or through a "Customized Internship," they will still need to select a Pastor/Mentor that meets the below ministerial requirements. Also, students should first meet with their Mentor/Pastor to discuss their current desire to pursue a Ministerial Internship before choosing one of the two options above.

Pastor/Mentor Qualifications:

The pastor/mentor must be one who is fully cooperative and supportive of the ministries and policies of the District Council of the Assemblies of God. The pastor/mentor may want to include another minister who has outstanding qualifications to give the intern the "best practice" experience in a given area.

An appropriate and qualified pastor/mentor must:

· Be an Assemblies of God Ordained credential holder or credentialed one level above the credential the student is seeking (except, of course, for ordination).

· Not be a relative of the student.

· Have demonstrated a proven ministry of cooperation & integrity.

· Have a minimum of 5 years of pastoral experience.

· Willingly invest significant time in the intern and the internship process.

· Refuse to serve as a mentor in those areas in which they lack the expertise or if their involvement is not in the best interest of the student.

· Refer students to others who have greater expertise in areas when it is in the best interest of the student.

Selecting a Pastor/Mentor:

Students are to select an “appropriate and qualified” pastor/mentor who meets the standards outlined above.  In addition the student is encouraged to:

· Seek a pastor/mentor who exemplifies “best practice” in ministry.

· Recognize that more than one pastor/mentor may be needed.

· End the relationship if the pastor/mentor is unwilling or unable to commit the time needed, comply with DSOM standards or fails to carry out other responsibilities.

· Recognize that their pastor may not be the best pastor/mentor in all areas and seek their recommendation for someone who can better serve.

· Develop a positive working relationship with their DSOM, pastors/mentors, based on mutual respect and passion for ministry.

Pastor/Mentor & Student Interaction:

· The pastor/mentor and student are to meet together at the beginning of the internship and plan a feasible working strategy to fulfill the requirements.  Non-structured interactions between the pastor/mentor and student are strongly encouraged.

· The pastor/mentor and student should meet and work together as close as their life schedules will allow during the internship.

**The duration of the student's Ministerial Internship should be at least 3 months.

*IMPORTANT: There may be reasons that certain individuals will not be able to meet the qualifications for obtaining ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.  Here are two possible reasons. 1. If you or your spouse has ever been divorced, or 2. If you have ever declared bankruptcy.  If you have answered yes to either reason, it is strongly recommended that you contact your presbyter directly to discuss prior to enrolling in a Ministerial Internship.  The list of NJ District Council Sectional Presbyters with their locations and contact information are available on the NJ District website:

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